extreme resolution television
Your Life in Higher Definition


Have you ever watched Rachael Ray or one of the other Food TV chefs and thought, "Hey, I could do that'? 

You probably can.  Only problem is, you don't have a million (or multi-thousand, at least) dollar studio and all the video equipment you need to shoot it.

Well, we do.  And now, for the first time, it can be available to you.

Now you can have a professionally produced, multi-camera food show every bit as good as what you see on the TV Networks.  (Better, actually, from the feedback we're getting.)  We work with you to plan your menu and we'll shoot and edit as many segments as you like, so you can show everyone that you're the next Rachael or Emeril or whoever else you'd like to be.

So many of our best memories come from the foods we've eaten and the good times we've had while doing so.  Whether it's Mom's Chicken Soup or the smell of the house around the holidays, for many of us, food, love and family are inextricably linked.

But sometimes it's difficult to pass these traditions down from generation to generation.  A written recipe sure doesn't do the trick.  For one, it's hard to get it exactly right, especially when a family recipe has been handed down for generations.  Most of these family recipes have never been written down, and even if they were, the warmth and love in them can never be translated to a piece of paper.

But now you can capture those moments forever.  You can come in as a family and record the entire process.  Mom can make her chicken soup in our state of the art home kitchen studio, and you'll preserve every bit of how she does it forever.  Have kids going off to school?  Show them how to roast a chicken, so they'll never go hungry... and you won't be fielding questions via long distance like "Mom, how do you know if a chicken is raw?"

We shoot and deliver pure High Definition Video with up to nine cameras, to tell your food and cooking stories the way you want them told.